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Topics will include information on being a mompreneur – both a mom and an entrepreneur.

My Perspiration Leads to Inspiration

I try to walk on my treadmill for thirty minutes every day. There are weeks when I do very well with this and there are weeks when, well… not so good. I do not like to exercise. I’m not an

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Finish Your Shot

“Finish your shot!” “Follow through!” These are the words I hear often at my children’s basketball games from the parents in the stands. For those of you with children in this sport, you know that these commands are instructing the

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Partners and Friends

Purposeful Parent Tip: People come into our lives for a reason. (Note: This is the sixth and final in a series of posts about the speakers scheduled for my upcoming Mom to Mompreneur Now! Tele-summit starting on October 9, 2012

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The posts you will read are about my life and my encounters with God’s grace as I walk along the narrow path of His purpose for me. Some days I do it really well. Others, uh….not so much. That’s ok. God loves me on my good and bad days! ... read more

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