Jennifer Covello is an award-winning author, blogger and single mom to two teenagers.  She speaks on a variety of topics reflecting her spiritual journey and how she came to know and recognize the unconditional love of God in her life. Her insight, wit and wisdom are complemented with her easy-going personality to deliver messages that inform and inspire. Attendees can be sure they will walk away with an ‘Ah-Ha’ moment or two.

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Jennifer speaks on a variety of topics, which include her passions, journaling and blogging as well as her personal journey of spiritual transformation.

Her insight, wit, and wisdom, complemented with her easy-going personality, will leave your attendees informed and inspired. From instructional workshops to presentations on her life-changing testimony, booking Jennifer for your next event is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

“You had my vote. You’re just the type of speaker who really engages me…thoughtful, profound, with a clear powerful message. Of all the speakers, I remember yours. I loved it! You’re a great speaker!”

Presentation: Be Blessed Not Stressed!

Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated every day? Is it difficult for you to find the blessings and miracles in your life? It’s so easy to lose yourself in the busy-ness of the day and forget to notice the mini-miracles in your life. Come and learn about Jennifer’s 5 tips will help you to stop being stressed and be blessed!

Presentation: From Confused to Clear

Do you struggle with knowing your true purpose? Are your gifts and talents going to waste? So many people are unhappy in their current jobs and ache to find out what they’re meant to do. In this interactive workshop, learn how to discover your God-given talents and start using them today in the service of others!

Presentation: From the Pit to Peace

In this highly inspirational talk, Jennifer shares her story of the morning that changed her life forever. If you’ve ever felt lost, abandoned or simply overwhelmed with life, this presentation will not only lift your spirits but give you hope for a better day and reignite your faith in God.

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