Guest Appearances

Set Your Soul On Fire

Jennifer Covello speaks with Le’Keshia Atchinson on the Set Your Soul On Fire podcast about her testimony and how God used this time to transform her life. Click here to listen.

Faith and Family Fellowship with Dallas Monticue

Jennifer Covello speaks with Dallas Monticue on the Faith and Family Fellowship podcast about her walk with God and how the Elevate the DayTM ministry was launched. Click here to listen.

Woodbury Writes with Sandy Lee Carlson

Jennifer Covello speaks with poet laureate of Woodbury, Connecticut Sandy Lee Carlson on the Woodbury Writes podcast. Click here to listen to her episode entitled “On Writing and Faith – A Visit with Jennifer Covello.”

Oasis Radio Show Network Roadshow with Karen Jensen Salisbury

Jennifer Covello talks about her search for peace, which started in a “pit” of confusion, frustration, and hopelessness, and resulted in a life of self-discovery and intimacy with God. Click here to listen now!

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