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Whose Shoulders Are You On?

Jen’s Gem: God’s Love  For You Will Never Change Isn’t it funny how after someone passes, you begin to recall so many of the things that transpired during their time on earth? Over the past few weeks, memories of my

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What’s Your Parenting Strategy?

Purposeful Parenting Tip: Having a parenting strategy can guide your steps through your child’s life journey. Recently I attended a Lunch and Learn at my new job where the topic that was being presented was “Strategic Inflection Points”. Strategic what?

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A Crackpot or a Cracked Pot?

Purposeful Parent Tip:  Share laughter with your children frequently and fully. Most people who know me think I’m pretty funny. Not to sound conceited, but I have to agree. I’ve got a sharp wit and I’m quick with a comical

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The posts you will read are about my life and my encounters with God’s grace as I walk along the narrow path of His purpose for me. Some days I do it really well. Others, uh….not so much. That’s ok. God loves me on my good and bad days! ... read more

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