Whose Shoulders Are You On?

Jen’s Gem: God’s Love  For You Will Never Change

Isn’t it funny how after someone passes, you begin to recall so many of the things that transpired during their time on earth? Over the past few weeks, memories of my father have popped in and out of my mind that were long forgotten. I think it’s God’s way of comforting you as you go through the loss of someone you loved so dearly.

 The other day I posted a picture on my social media of me sitting atop my Dad’s shoulders. Both of us are smiling in the picture and my little hands are wrapped around his head. His hands are firmly planted on my legs keeping me steady and safe.  

These are the feelings that are evoked every time I see that picture. When you think about it, isn’t that what being a parent is all about? Providing a safe place for your child to grow and thrive. Loving them no matter what dumb things they do and poor decisions they make. Having a bit of fun along the way.

As my relationship with God continues to deepen, I’m often struck by the similarities between Him as my heavenly Father and that of my Dad. For example, they both want a relationship with me. They want us to spend time together. They both love me no matter what I say or do. They both want to share their wisdom to help me navigate the paths of my life.  They both gave up a lot so that I would have a good life. They both want me to be thankful for all I have and help others.

It’s pretty basic, don’t you think? As a parent, I want the same things for my children. I work diligently to keep the lines of communication open with them so as to deepen our relationship. I share the many lessons I’ve learned so they can avoid the pitfalls I’ve experienced. I have forgone many things so that I could provide for them. I demonstrate that it’s our job to care for those in need, whether by donation of money or time. And having a giggle now and then keeps it all in perspective. I hope these are the things they remember most about me.


These are the goals of every parent. I am no different. Sure there are some that will do it a whole lot better than I do, but nevertheless, we share the same intentions. We just want the best for our kids and we will go to any lengths to provide this.

God is exactly the same. He only wants the best for His children. He wants them to live happy, productive lives without stress or sadness or sickness. He wants us to live close to Him so that we can get the inside scoop on the in’s and out’s of life. He wants us to know how much we are loved and valued. How do I know this? Because He says so in every Bible verse I study. 

I never questioned whether my Dad loved me or not. Oh sure, he didn’t like some of the decisions I made, but that didn’t negate his love for me. He didn’t abandon me because of my poor choices. God doesn’t either and never will.

As I contemplate my newly ‘orphaned’ state here on earth, I am comforted deeply knowing that even though my Mom and Dad are no longer here, I have a Father in heaven who is my rock. I have a champion cheering me on through life’s troubles. I have a constant companion if I’m feeling alone. I have a comforter who will take away my sadness. Day or night, He will always be there.

God has me squarely on His shoulders, holding my feet firmly, and smiling with a love that will never end. 

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