A Crackpot or a Cracked Pot?

Purposeful Parent Tip:  Share laughter with your children frequently and fully.

Most people who know me think I’m pretty funny. Not to sound conceited, but I have to agree. I’ve got a sharp wit and I’m quick with a comical response to most anything. I’m not sure where this comes from – my mom or my dad, but in my later years I have traded some pretty funny barbs with my dad, so I’m inclined to think he has the comedic DNA I inherited.

Most of my family is pretty funny as well. I have fond memories of holidays and celebrations where laughter reigned supreme. Whether it was the telling of a good joke or simply poking fun at each other, we hardly ever left a family event without an ache in our ribs from the raucous laughter.

My kids don’t think I’m funny despite my attempts to convince them otherwise. While others might describe me as a crackup – they’re more likely to say I’m a crackpot! They might even describe me as weird. But what do they know?

In my early years of being a mother, I was focused on doing all the right things. Tasks like feeding them on schedule, changing them before they had even finished their “business”, searching out the right daycare, and not interrupting their sleep schedule were of prime importance to me as a new mom. A bit over the top some would say. Ok, even I would say…now.

Today, while I still hold true to structure and routine and ensure my kids do the right things, I’ve softened a bit. For the most part, my kids and I have a great time together acting ridiculously silly with sayings and actions that we’d die from embarrassment if anyone ever saw or heard. In fact, when we are out in public and I let something ‘slip’, my children are quick to give me their version of the ‘evil eye’ indicating that I’ve crossed the line between home life and public life – especially when their friends are around.

I don’t know why I’m compelled to extend our silliness to the outside world. There’s something very satisfying about seeing your children cringe at the prospect of you humiliating them. It’s somewhat addicting I daresay!

I recently heard someone say that light shines better through a cracked pot. Much of my own light that I share with the world comes from my sense of humor and in order to share it, I guess I have to be a little cracked around the edges. And if my kids aren’t comfortable with that, oh well. Better to shine your light than to douse it, right?

So – here’s to all the silly things we moms do with our kids behind closed doors. We may be crackpots, but our light will shine on to our children who will one day remember how their mom taught them that laughter really is the best medicine.

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