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What Will Be Your New Normal?

Jen’s Gem: Focus on the joy of the day. Our summer vacations were spent taking trips to see extended family. I had a b-zillion cousins on my father’s side in western Pennsylvania and a few in South Carolina, my mother’s

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Are You Wearing a Mask

Jen’s Gem: Take off God’s mask and see Him clearly. Early one morning last week, I decided to go to the grocery store. I had only a few items to pick up and I wanted to get this less-than-desired chore

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Do You Have a Weak Spot?

Jen’s Gem: Your weak spots are no match for God. I awoke yesterday in the wee hours after a restful sleep. Since moving into our new home, my once erratic sleep patterns seem to have subsided and I now wake

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Are You Ready to Rise Up?

Jen’s Gem: You were born for a time such as this. Years ago, I attended a conference in New York City. I was the product manager for a software application and needed to learn more about its functionality. Like many

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Do You Want to Break the Internet?

Jen’s Gem: Put your faith in God in all things. Last week, I wrote about the new normals my children and I are experiencing due to this pestilence that has hit our country. Life in our house has wiggled to say the

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