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Topics will cover the challenges of raising children as a single or divorced mother.

What Are You Elevating?

Jen’s Gem: Where your mind goes, your life goes. The month of June has been a blur. Days and nights filled with end-of-school activities for my daughter packed my trusty paper calendar. Prom. Scholarship and awards ceremonies. Internships. Finals. Graduation.

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Are You Looking for Your Beauty?

Jen’s Gem: Keep your eyes on God in all seasons. In a few weeks, my daughter will graduate high school. It’s hard to believe especially since I just brought her home from the hospital yesterday. Well, not quite, but you

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Did My Mom Hear Me?

Jen’s Gem: Never miss an opportunity to create a memory. Almost eleven years ago, I had my last conversation with my Mom. I wouldn’t know it at the time, but she had only hours left of her life. Naively and

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The posts you will read are about my life and my encounters with God’s grace as I walk along the narrow path of His purpose for me. Some days I do it really well. Others, uh….not so much. That’s ok. God loves me on my good and bad days! ... read more

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