A Great Start to the Day

Purposeful Parent Tip:   

As I creep into my daughter’s room at 7:55 a.m. each morning, I am always amazed at how small she looks. Nestled under her butterfly-covered comforter, head resting on the flannel snowman sheets, hair sprayed out from her loosened pony tail, I just watch for a moment and revel in my little angel.

Tip-toeing over to her bed, I quietly sit down next to her and whisper a “good morning” message to ease her out of her sleep state into the here and now. Almost unconsciously, she moves her head to rest on my leg and I play with her hair.

Depending on the morning, I sometimes awaken her with a song. This can range from a silly song that I just made up to a tried and true favorite like “You Are My Sunshine.” I’m no Celine Dion – but I do enjoy singing.  And my daughter especially loves the songs I make up.

For most people who know me, I’m a pretty “buttoned up” kind of woman. Yes, I have a sense of humor and know how to have fun. However, there is a side of me that only my children know (thankfully!) where I let loose a little bit more and the silly part of me appears. My guess is most moms and dads do the same from time to time.

In those five or so minutes, we snuggle or talk or sing, or just laugh at my latest goofy antic. My children know that I believe they chose me to be their mom, and when I am in an especially silly state, I am sure they question their decision!

I love this time of day – especially a day like today where it was still a bit dark outside, very foggy, and had all of the makings of a “let’s stay in bed all day” kind of morning. My daughter and I chat for a moment or two about the schedule for the day and the ever-important outfit she will wear.

Shortly after it’s time to ready ourselves for the day and our quiet time ends. It’s so important how you begin each day and teaching your children this important lesson early on will help them throughout their lives, especially a they get older and the major decision for the day is not what outfit to wear, but perhaps something greater.

Spending a few minutes basking in a mother’s love, or setting an intention for the day, or being grateful for the unseasonably warm weather in December, sends them off on a positive note. And even if the rest of their day is not as ‘warm and fuzzy’, at least they started out on a positive path.

Yes, there are days when there’s no time for our little ritual and that’s ok. Life happens. We are not perfect. I encourage you to consider how you and your child start your day. Is it rushed and frantic? Is it stressful? It may be worthwhile to set that alarm clock just a
bit earlier and spend a moment or two greeting the day in your own way.


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