Episode 05: Guest Appearance – Jennifer’s Pastor: Walk by Faith Not by Sight

Join host Jennifer Covello and her pastor, special guest Reverend Artie Kassimis for a conversation about God, faith, and His plans for you. We live in a fallen world, and as such bad things can and will happen. But as we’ll learn in this episode, through Jesus Christ our lives can be repaired, and we can live a full life. God created you with a purpose and through our faith in Him, He can show you what that purpose is. In this episode, Jennifer and Pastor Artie explore:

  • Artie’s journey to becoming an international preacher and author, helping guide others to Jesus Christ.
  • The existence of evil and its impact on our world.
  • The existence of God and why He sent His Son Jesus.
  • Why the Bible, God’s Word, is a must-read for everyone.
  • The relationship between you and God through His Son, Jesus can transform your life.

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