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I love having the opportunity to share my God-given talents and gifts with others. If you are looking for assistance, contact me today!


freelance_bloggerWant to write a blog but have writer’s block? 
Have you wanted to write a blog for your business but don’t know where to start? Do you run out of hours in the day and have no time to update your blog? As a freelance blog writer, I can help you with writing or editing your blog posts. Contact me today to discuss your ideas for your blog.



marketing_consultingSmall Business Marketing Consulting
Are you stuck in a rut with your small business? Do you struggle with marketing yourself or your business? It can be confusing and overwhelming trying to figure out the best path forward. With over 20 years in marketing, I can help you create a marketing plan that fits your needs and your budget. Contact me today to discuss your small business goals.








Today’s world is full of challenges. That’s why we are lucky to have a pro like Jennifer Joyce Covello help us navigate our path whether it be personal or career professional.

Jennifer keeps it real and offers tremendous insight into our human nature along with coping mechanisms to de-stress ourselves and live happier more productive lives. In addition, her experience with small business owners can also help you find ways to reach out to your audience that you may have been afraid of trying in the past.

Plus, she’s a joy to be around – positive, full of energy with a good sense of humor. I highly recommend her services if you need a lift in your life or if you are looking for a speaker to lift your audience. You will not be disappointed.

Anne D.
Women’s Small Marketing Consultant