Jennifer is a wonderful writer. Her grace and style in sharing her story were flawless. I felt as if we were having a private conversation, one in which she shared her innermost and thoughtful feelings about finding God and thereby finding herself. Beautiful!
– Devin

I just loved this book it was like she was writing my story you know the one we don’t tell I was sooo inspired by her and bravery to share this with us it is truly an amazing book I would highly recommend to all of us to read thank you Jennifer for writing this may God bless you again
– Sharon

Like one of your endorsements said, I couldn’t put your book down! So many good life lessons – so encouraging, so powerful. And you’re so transparent! It’s what makes your teaching so powerful. And the part where Jesus appeared to you – WOW!!! Loved that! He is so faithful!
– Karen

I highly recommend this book because it is a clear example of how, out of our deepest hurts, rise our greatest testimonies, and if God puts a Goliath in front of you, He must believe that there is a David inside of you.

Enjoyed reading this book that offers hope for the hurting. Very transparent which allows readers to sense they are not alone in their situation and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Truly touches hearts to understand how one can get “from the pit to peace”. Would highly recommend to all!!!!!
– Michele

I believe everything we do as believers must lead people to Jesus Christ. Your book does that. Every triumph and overcoming experiences are to His glory. That’s what makes your book so powerful to me. I know you will share it in a bigger arena one day soon!
– Suzette