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Who Loves Ya Baby?

Until my daughter moved away from home, I never really understood why my parents were so excited when I would come home or their sadness

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What Are You Thinking?

I recently finished reading “Revolutionary Mindset” by Marvin Yoder. If there was ever a book I wished I had read when I was younger, it’s

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Can You Hear From God?

There are many people who say that they cannot hear from God. They pray and pray and…crickets. This supposed silence evokes feelings of doubt or

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Are You Prepared?

I am a planner. A preparer. If you ask my kids, they’d likely say that I am “extra” in this area, meaning I go above

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What Scares You?

I have become slightly addicted to Facebook reels of people cleaning and organizing their homes. I fell upon one such influencer who demonstrated an easy

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