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Is Your Breakthrough Right in Front of You?

Jen’s Gem: Nothing is bigger than God. Nothing. Yesterday marked one month since we moved into our new condo. One month! How is that possible? We are settled in and that feeling of “I’m on vacation” is slowly transitioning to

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Will You Pass the Test?

Jen’s Gem: God is faithful. Always. For the past several weeks, my sleep patterns have been about as unpredictable as the weather in Connecticut. Some nights I rock the REMs. Other nights, it is as elusive as selecting winning Lotto

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Do You Have An Impossible Dream?

Jen’s Gem: With God, all things are possible. It’s baffling to me that in a few weeks – days really – another year will come to an end and we will embark on a new decade. 2020. It feels like

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Are You Laser-Focused?

Jen’s Gem: Be laser-focused to achieve your purpose. The past few months of having my house on the market have been a roller coaster ride. From the excitement of the “For Sale” sign going up in my yard to continuous showings,

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What Does Gratitude Mean To You?

Jen’s Gem: Be thankful for God. This week, it’ll be two years since I lost my Dad. Hard to believe that much time has passed. With Thanksgiving upon us, I find myself thinking of him alot, as well as my

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