What Will Be Your Legacy? 

Today is Mother’s Day…a day set aside for the special women in our lives who sacrificed so much for their children. I was blessed with an outstanding mother and I’m grateful to God for her. 

Though she has been gone for quite some time, memories of her flood my mind from time to time, especially most recently as my kids and I watched some home movies. Hearing her voice again was both bittersweet and comforting as I saw her interactions with my kids. 

She loved her family and it showed in everything she did. I’ve spoken often of her amazing holiday meals: homemade ravioli, bread, mouthwatering cookies and pies. I could go on and on.

In short, if my Mom made it, it was good…more than good, it was great!

When I share her photo on my social media, many people note a resemblance between her and I, though I can’t hold a candle to her. It’s no wonder my father said “That’s the girl I’m going to marry!” the minute he laid eyes on her. 

When I think back on what my Mom taught me, a few things stand out. 

First, long division. It was my mother who unscrambled my brain about this challenging math concept. 

Second, hospitality. My mom was the picture of elegance and grace in all she did.

Third, faith in God. Church attendance was a must but it went beyond that.

While I didn’t really understand what was going on during the services as a young girl, here’s what stood out the most to me. I saw my Mom praying, singing, and giving. 

I saw this consistently every week and it left a mark on me. So much so, that even when I was in high school, I’d go to church by myself after my shift at Dunkin’ Donuts. Oh what a sight that was!

I am grateful to my Mom for many, many things but out of everything she taught me and did for

 me, I’m most grateful for her being an example of what it looks like to have faith in God. It served as the foundation for my own walk with Him.

“Honor your father and mother,” which is the first commandment with promise: “that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.” (Ephesians 6:2-3 NKJV)

Today I honor my Mom and all that she did for me and my siblings. I thank her for planting the seeds of faith in me so that I could continue to water them in my life and the lives of my children. 

Praying God’s blessings on all mothers and motherly figures today. May His loving hand be on them every day of their lives.

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