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Jen’s Gem:  Everything will work out!

The entries in the devotional I am reading have been focused on change and its inevitability in our lives. These inspired writings speak to how we handle the ups and downs of life. We can react (victim) or respond (victor).

When we react (or overreact!) to change, we let it take control of us. Conversely, when we are prepared and have a plan to respond to it, we are victorious.

This week, I had an opportunity to examine how I react to change. Spoiler – it did not go well. When you cry on the phone with a tech support person, well, “Houston, we have a problem.”

In short, I switched my website hosting company, which impacted the receipt of my emails. After a few days, when I didn’t hear from my clients and friends, I thought something was wrong.
Thankfully, I received a text message from friend stating that she’d been responding to my emails so my suspicions were confirmed.

Problem identified.

I consider myself to be relatively tech savvy. I’m no geek and some things do leave me perplexed but terms like “server,” “email client,” “domain name” do not overwhelm me. Yet despite the best efforts of the young man over the phone and me, we hit wall after wall.

After an hour, I decided to stop the bleeding. I thanked him for his help and hung up, resolving to try again later. As of this writing, there is still no easy solution but there are workarounds and I’ll just have to deal with it for the time being.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. Change happens every single moment of every single day. The only way to avoid it is, well, to stop living and I’m pretty sure none of us would choose that option.
  2. If we know change is inevitable, then we can prepare for it. Either by planning ahead or asking for help.

I’m reminded of the apostles immediately following Jesus’ crucifixion. This was a big, huge whopper of a change. What did they do? They hid. This was understandable as they knew a similar fate might await them for being His followers.

However, during their hiding, something happened that would not only change their lives but those for generations and generations to come, including you and me. After three days, Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to them…in the very room they were hiding in!

Can you imagine? How does one prepare for something like this? One day, they witness Jesus death on a cross and then – poof! He’s baaaaacck!

However, as shocked as the apostles were, they shouldn’t have been. Jesus said He would die and then rise on the third day. So, why were His closest peeps scratching their heads? In the three years of His ministry, Jesus’ actions never contradicted His words. Never.

If He said something was going to happen, it did. If He said you were healed, you were. If He said you could see, you could. He could be trusted. He had integrity.

In today’s culture, words like integrity and character are hard to be found in people. It is difficult to trust because sometimes people overpromise and under deliver. Yet, God never does. He always delivers on His promises – usually better than we could ever expect! (Romans 8:28)

If you are facing some changes in your life, know that God has already worked it out. And do you know what the best part is?

You won’t have to call tech support! Just call on Jesus. He’s always there. He always has the answer.

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