Are You Wishing or Doing?

Jen’s Gem:  Get to know God today!

Have you ever started a task that turned into a whole project? For example, you decide to clean out your kitchen junk drawer and before you know it, you are rearranging all your cabinets. You had a small “to-do” on your list, but it ballooned into something bigger. A step turned into a leap.

This week, I noticed my old computer under my bed. I decided it was time to do something about it. I wanted to “wipe it clean” before recycling it (yes, it really was THAT old) so off to Staples I went to purchase the biggest flash drive known to man. In minutes, fifteen years of files were removed from their former home and transferred to their new one. Yippee!

Not quite the caliber of “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” but it sure felt great! Then I got another notion.

Since I now owned this trillion gigabyte flash drive – why not consolidate all the other smaller ones onto it?  I gathered up the gadgets and one by one, I emptied them. Woo hoo!

Then I got another notion.

Why not go through all the folders on the new flash drive to ensure there were no duplicates?  Voila! What started as a simple task – cleaning out my laptop – turned into a digital transformation!

You see, I’d been procrastinating about this for a long time, which is why the laptop was gathering dust under my bed. It just seemed too big to tackle. Yet, when I took it one “byte” (lol) at a time, it wasn’t so bad. The reward? No more aging laptop under my bed, several empty flash drives, and a singular place for all my files.

This activity got me to thinking about my walk with God and how my faith has grown over the years. People often say to me – “I wish I had your faith.” My response is – “Stop wishing and start doing!”

I didn’t wake up one morning and have faith that could move mountains. Every day as I took steps to know get to know my Father in heaven better, my faith grew.  And guess what? It’s not going to continue to grow if I don’t continue to take some action every day.

Think about this. Do you trust people you don’t know? No! Your trust is built over time as you get to know them better. Your best friend did not become your best friend the minute you met.

How did they attain best friend status? You spent time with them. You talked with them. You asked them to do things for you and they did them. They did things for you without being asked. A relationship was formed, and now the bond is unbreakable. Your faith in them – and their faith in you – has blossomed.

A relationship with God is no different. It is built and strengthened over time, as we get to know Him better through His Word and His Son, Jesus.

I want to encourage you to take God out of the box you may have placed Him in. Get rid of the old files (knowledge/beliefs) and give your faith a refresh. Take a small step, then another, and another.

Before you know it, you won’t be wishing for more faith. You’ll have it!

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