Are Your Days Getting Shorter?

Jen’s Gem:  Ask God to direct your day.

This time last year, my garden was cleared and planted. I’m way behind the eight ball due to a multitude of activities as of late and more to come with my daughter’s upcoming graduation from college. I’m assured by people who are smarter than me in this area, that there’s still time.

Doesn’t it feel like the days are getting shorter? Like there used to be more time? Remember those carefree days as a child when you were actually bored because the day seemed to drag on forever? Twenty-first century living does not permit boredom.

How did we get so busy?

I recall in my college days when I was studying computers that these contraptions were supposed to make our lives easier, free up our time, and eliminate mountains of  paper . I think the opposite has happened. We spend more time in front of screens than ever.

Are our lives more productive because of technology? In many ways, yes. Weekly trips to the grocery store can be eliminated with the push of a button. Dinner can be on the table in minutes. Yet instead of enjoying the extra time by resting or refreshing, we replace it with more tasks and wonder why we toss and turn each night unable to silence our busy minds.

The Bible tells us that Jesus went about teaching, preaching, and healing (Matthew 4:23). Every day, He set out with these three directives. Because of His actions, people were cured of every disease imaginable. Lives were forever changed, including ours today.

In three years, Jesus touched thousands of lives. Tens of thousands actually if you consider all the people He fed with the loaves and fishes. Tens of thousands! (Matthew 14:13-21) How could this be? How did He get so much done?


Jesus only did the “will of His Father.” (John 6:38) Jesus checked in with His Father in heaven repeatedly to find out what would be the most fruitful activities and did only those.

You see, Jesus knew He only had a short amount of time on earth and He had to make sure His priorities were straight.

Think about when someone finds out they have only a few months to live. What do they do? They focus on what’s most important. They get their affairs in order. They do not waste time. This is the way we need to live each day.

How do we do this when there are chores and errands along with a myriad of other modern-day responsibilities? We do what Jesus did. We ask our Father in heaven what we should be doing so that we are fruitful, productive…not just busy.

Jesus began each day talking to His Father. The Bible tells us over and over how He went

 off alone to pray. Can you imagine how challenging this must’ve been? I mean word was getting out that He was healing people of sicknesses, lifelong illnesses. Lines must’ve been outside His door for miles continually!

Yet Jesus found the time because He knew what was most important. Here’s the crazy thing. There are a ton of miracles mentioned in the Bible but we also know that there were many more that were not recorded. (John 21:25)

As we prepare to enter a new season, let’s take a moment or two to examine our calendars. Let’s make some adjustments and build in time to commune with God so that our lives are not just busy, but fruitful.

Make time for God and let Him direct your steps.(Proverbs 16:9)

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