Do You Need To Workout? 

Jen’s Gem:  Work out your faith muscles every day.

My son goes to the gym several times each week. Over the past few years, he has transformed his body, not just in weight loss but muscle mass. His arms are the size of my head! (Ok, not really, but they are really big!)

He did a fair amount of research into how to best workout, what muscle groups to focus on and how each exercise impacts the particular area of his body. I on the other hand…well, let’s just say my muscles have gone the way of the dodo bird now that I am getting younger. I’m told that it is nearly impossible to get them back at my age, yet I’m sure if I worked on it, I might have a chance.

There’s one muscle I strive to build up every day – my faith muscle. This workout requires no gym membership, and you don’t even have to leave your house. You can do it with a friend or go solo. It’s painless and there is never any soreness the next day. No need for Advil!

What is my faith workout routine? Pretty simple.  

1.    Listen to teachings
2.    Read my Bible
3.    Journal
4.    Pray
5.    Speak

See? I told you it was simple! 

Each morning I grab my coffee and dive into a podcast or other teaching. I subscribe to a few so there’s variety. As I’m listening, I’m taking notes in my journal and/or creating Post-It notes of things I want to remember. For example:

“God’s wisdom and His will are in His Word.”

“While I’m waiting, God is working.”

Simple phrases, yet powerful reminders if I become discouraged or need a little “pick me up” to remind me of God’s vast goodness and love.

I also attend a weekly Bible study at my church. These are great opportunities to dive a bit deeper into God’s Word. Plus, the discussions are TRES cool as we seek to unpack some of the more complex concepts in God’s Word.

My small group meets nearly every week, usually after Sunday service and we discuss that day’s sermon or some other topic. This is a great way to sharpen each other’s knowledge and understanding. (Proverbs 27:17)

It goes without saying that I pray as Paul told us to do in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

 Praying is how we talk to God, make our requests known to Him, and of course, thank Him. (Philippians 6:7). Then I sit still and listen for Him. 

Last but not least – I speak. I speak God’s promises over my life, my kids, and the lives of my loved ones. The Bible tells us over and over to use our voice to speak God’s Words. (Isaiah 55:11)

Doing these five activities consistently over the past years has strengthened my faith and deepened my knowledge of who God is and who I am in His eyes.

If your faith is getting a little flabby, it might be time to pump up the volume on your workouts and become a gym rat … with God.

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