Are You Surviving Or Thriving?

Jen’s Gem: It’s only temporary. 

Today’s message comes to you through the miracle of technology. For the first time in five years, I am unable to type my blog post. But thanks to speech recognition, I am able to dictate it to my phone.

The surgery on my hand went perfectly and I am healing. My arm is in a splint and while it is painful, Tylenol is doing the trick.  I am navigating my life with one arm and realizing that two really is better than one. I can do many things on my own but not well.

I can feed myself, but I cannot cut my food.
I can wash my face but not my hair.
I can brush my teeth, but cannot floss.

I am grateful that I can do these things yet what I am realizing is that I am only surviving. I am not thriving.

As I sit here in the wee hours of the morning, I’m wondering how much of our lives is spent simply in survival mode. Doing what is necessary to get through the day, the current crisis, or whatever is in front of us but not really living with passion and purpose.

Are we just trying to get through it all when we should be rising above it all?

This downtime has taught me a few lessons. First, I do not like feeling helpless and relying on others. Second, I do not like doing nothing. Third, I’m so grateful to God for my good health that it brings me to tears. Lastly, there is absolutely nothing on TV!

Right now, I am unable to do some things. However, this does not change who I am. My “do” does not define my “who.”  I can cry about this temporary setback and let it dictate my days or I can choose to rise above and figure out a better way.

This is who I am. I look at situations and I find a better way. I cannot type my blog post today but I can speak it. It might not be perfectly edited or formatted, yet the message is still getting to you. 

As we look to close out the year, I would like to encourage you to examine what is keeping you from thriving, from living the life God planned for you?

What’s holding you back or more importantly, what are you letting hold you back? I could have skipped today’s blog post. It would’ve been the first time in five years that I didn’t send one out. Perhaps you wouldn’t have even missed it, but I am not one to let difficulties get in my way. Oh sure, I had a little pity party yesterday morning and tears flowed, but it didn’t last long.

This “light and momentary affliction” (2 Corinthians 4:17) is just that. Momentary. I may be in survival mode for the next ten days, but I don’t plan on parking there. Before long, I will be back to typing with two hands and cutting my food like a champ!

I pray that you will rise above whatever circumstances you are facing right now. I pray you realize that there are lessons to be learned in everything. And most of all I pray that you know God is with you through it all.

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