Is It Time to Move Out?

Jen’s Gem: Let God move in to your life.

My daughter turned twenty about a week ago. Yes, you read that right. Twenty. Many of my newsletter readers have been with me from the start of my blogging and likely remember me writing about her and my son’s much younger years. It’s hard to believe that today, I am the mother of two twenty-somethings.

Because of a snafu with on-campus housing, we have spent the last couple of weeks seeking off-campus properties. Let me just say that the choices were ummm, yeah. We looked at eight places and with the exception of one, I wouldn’t let my worst enemy live there. (I really don’t have any enemies, but if I did…)

Though the realtor did a great job in finding a nice selection of abodes, it was my daughter and her future roommate who found their future home through a simple internet search. The apartment reflects all of the things we liked about the castaways and more. A few days ago, their application was approved and a move in date is set.

I was fully prepared for this date to be a few days before the beginning of the fall semester, but alas I would be wrong. My daughter informed me that she wants to move in during the summer and work full time to save money for her tuition. My friend, my daughter is moving out. Leaving the nest.

The calls to me now are focused on topics like “What is renter’s insurance? How do we pay the electric bill? Why do they need such a big security deposit?” I vividly recall simpler questions like “Why is the sky blue?” coming out of her little baby lips in what seems like yesterday.

The maturity and “grown-upness” I’ve seen in my second-born during this process astonishes me. As I listened to the questions she asked her soon-to-be landlord during the site visit, I was in awe. Sure, some of them were prompted by me, but her follow-up and clarifying questions were all her own.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time teaching her the in’s and out’s of being a renter. I’ve shared my recommendations on how to stock her pantry and fridge so her hard-earned monies aren’t wasted on fast-food. In short, I have tried to download some of the more important life skills she will need as she ventures out on her own.

It is clear from the final chapters of the gospel of Matthew that this is what Jesus was doing with His peeps as He prepared to go to His death. If you check your Bible, the words on the last few pages of this book are all in red – meaning these were Jesus’ exact words. He wanted to make sure that His followers, loved ones, and family were prepared for what was to come.

He didn’t want them to fail. He knew the world would come against them and so He filled up their toolboxes with information that would enable them to be successful and navigate all of the fiery darts that would come against them.

Those same words are for us as we move out and about on this planet. As a believer, we get to take hold of  these promises and claim them for our own. We sing a song in church called, “If He said It, I believe it.” Many times in the Bible, Jesus notes that His words and actions are what He has seen and heard from His Father. Therefore, we know that God is speaking through His Son on every page.

There are many who say “I can’t hear from God.” I would respond to this statement with, “Then open your Bible.” Because what God said thousands of years ago, He is still saying. He doesn’t change His mind. He doesn’t lie. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This might sound boring, right? Wow – the same day in and day out. But – thank God that God doesn’t change! Otherwise we’d be even more confused!

“Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’” (Isaiah 41:10 NKJV)

If God said He will heal you. He will. If He said He will prosper you. He will. If He said He loves you. He does. Yes, we struggle to reallllly believe that. Why? Well, because we think God is going to behave like the humans in our lives. He’s going to break His promises. He’s going to betray us. He’s going to leave us. Nope. He’s not. Never. We may leave Him, but He’s never leaving us.

As I prepare my heart and mind for my youngest child to depart, I will equip her with all of my “earthly” knowledge on how to be successful. I will ensure her fridge is stocked and her electric bill is paid so she can concentrate on her studies. When she needs me, I will be here. When I have no answers, I will point her to the One who does and let her know that while she may be moving out, God’s moving in.

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