Are You Prepared to Step Out?

Jen’s Gem: God has a great future for you!

When I was in corporate, one of my responsibilities was to ensure that our disaster planning documentation was up to date. We would have yearly exercises where we’d have a mock disaster that posed all sorts of challenges. Afterwards, we’d document what we did so that we would be even better prepared.

The disaster planning guide included things like how to implement calling trees and locate critical files so that business could operate normally. It also had information on who was to work from home versus who had to come to the office, if possible. The minutiae of detail was amazing and many new processes and procedures were borne out of these activities.

The endless “what if” scenarios had to be accompanied by a solution and it wasn’t “we shut down.” There was always a work-around. There was always a way to keep the “trains running.” We just had to think outside the box for a creative solution.

As the world and technology got more complicated, we had to get more creative. We had to do our best to stay ahead of the next storm.

For many around the globe, the current storms are ebbing. They are not gone, but we can begin to see a ray of hope of something new that will replace our former way of life. New habits and routines have been formed. New ways of doing things are now ingrained in our DNA.

Some may never go back to the way things were. They’ve been forever changed. Many have been scratching their heads wondering why they valued their former lives and routines so much when they wreaked such havoc. Many are grateful for this break that has caused them to re-evaluate priorities and make new plans for their families, their careers, their children, and themselves.

This is what happened to the apostles after they spent time with Jesus. Once they got a taste of His love, mercy, forgiveness, and wisdom, there was no way they could return to their old selves. They were forever changed. Their identities were completely upended and their only desire was to tell as many people as possible.

Many lost their lives because of it. Many were mocked, thrown in jail, and beaten simply because they wanted to share a new way of life whose rewards were beyond anything the people could’ve imagined. Because it was so unbelievable, no one believed them.

You and I likely have a taste of this when we try to convince someone to try a new restaurant or activity. We share our positive experiences because we want them to enjoy it as much as we did. “The service was amazing.” “The prices were fantastic.” “The double chocolate cake was to die for!”

Despite our desires to share our wealth, our words can fall on deaf ears. The saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear,” comes to mind as I write this.

Recently my son announced that he wanted to try again for his driver’s license and look for a more career-oriented job. He has been reluctant to do so despite my attempts to “convince” him.

The spirits of fear and complacency had a grip on him blinding him to the truth of the benefits and freedoms these decisions would offer him. As his mother, it was frustrating, but I continued to “plant seeds” and of course, I prayed.

I also asked others to pray for him – powerful prayer warriors in my church agreeing with me to move my twenty-something first-born out of his comfort zone and into his God-given life purpose. I have always believed and still do that he can accomplish great things, if only he can forget his old ways of doing things and begin to taste the blessings God has in store for him.

It can be difficult to let go of the past. Whether it’s painful or joyful, there’s comfort there because we know it. Stepping out into the unknown can be scary. However, the only person the future is unknown to is us. God already knows it and He promises it’s a good one for all who believe.

This week, I’d like to encourage you to begin to consider what you’re willing to let go of so that you can step into the amazing plan God has for your life. Spend some time with Him – listening. Pay attention to those ideas that pop into your head. Listen to the ‘teachers’ around you who can see your greatness.

Then step out, knowing that if you have faith and trust in God, you’ll be fully prepared for anything.

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