Do You Have a Virus?

Jen’s Gem: God can fix anything.

This week, my brand new internet connection decided to go south on me. Pages wouldn’t load and if they did, they took forever. Messages like “Network not found” and “Waiting for XYZ page” filled my screen as I struggled to get my client work done. 

Perhaps moving my laptop into my bedroom, where the signal might be stronger could help. Nope. While there was some improvement and I was able to finish my work, clearly there was a problem Houston. The solution was yet another visit by the cable guy replacing the brand new router, running a speed test, and confirming to me that “it’s not us.”

Since my son’s iPad was working fine, he suggested that my laptop might have a virus. This seemed plausible since I do spend a lot of time on the internet and who knows what pesky piece of malware got downloaded. At the suggestion of one of my tech-savvy friends, I downloaded a free app, cleaned the PC of 212 items, and hoped this would get me back in the saddle.

As I watched the app tick through each of the files on my computer, it was like watching a Roomba wiggle its way through my hard drive files, seeking out what it could mark for eventual destruction. When I hit the “quarantine all” button, there was a sense of relief, of freedom, and dare I say, excitement.

Sadly, as I write this blog, my internet connection continues to be wonky and it is giving me a bit of agada as I face a busy work week tomorrow. In addition to the messages I’ve seen all week, now messages of “Resolving host” and “No network found” appear. It may be time to call Houston again, but honestly, it’s just not in me to spend another hour on the phone and wait for another cable guy. 

I just want it fixed. And I want someone else to do it.

So many times, this is how we feel about the challenges in our lives. We want Bob the Builder to come in with his trusty toolbox and shout “Can we fix it? Yes we can!” The chubby cartoon character, armed with a hard hat, tools, and a team of experts, always knows what to do and restores the broken item with ease. In thirty minutes, the dilemma is resolved. Thirty minutes. Technically less if you consider the commercial time.

Wow! I could use a Bob the Builder in a few areas of my life, couldn’t you? Right now, I need him to put up a curtain rod, hang pictures without putting a billion holes in my new walls, and tell me why the light switches in the bedrooms are not working as they did when I viewed the space during my walk-through. 

For many of us, we want God to be like Bob the Builder. “Just fix it, Lord.” “Fix my health. Fix my marriage. Fix my job. Fix my fill in the blank.” While God is certainly capable and willing to do this, many times, dare I say, most times, He does expect something from us first. That “something” might be the very thing preventing our breakthrough. For example:

1.    Are we asking God to heal our sickness, but yet harbor unforgiveness and hatred toward someone?
2.    Are we asking Him to provide a new job, yet we are slacking in our current role and gossiping about our boss or co-workers?
3.    Are we praying for deliverance from a stronghold in our lives, but continue to do the same thing over and over again?
4.    Lastly, and this one might sting – are we praying to God, but have no knowledge, belief, or relationship with His Son, Jesus, who said in John 14:6, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

We all want miraculous solutions to the challenges in our lives. Who wouldn’t want an instant healing  of sickness or correction to a wayward child? I know I would. I’d welcome an instant and lasting solution to my internet hiccups. Oh, and while we’re at it, a dashing husband to appear at my door would be nice too!

However, I can’t sit back, do nothing and simply wish these things into existence. I have to do something. I have to do my part and God will do His part. Together, we can accomplish anything. “With God, all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

This week, I’d like to encourage you to run an anti-virus app on your heart. Give it a thorough cleaning. Check all the hidden directories for hurts or unforgiveness that may be buried. Then, ask God to help you hit the “quarantine all” button. Ask Him to help you release the anger, the bitterness, and the pain.  Ask Him to help you forgive. Ask Him to help you reconnect with Him on a deeper level, so that you can enjoy the blessings He has in store for you.

I’m confident His response to your “Can you fix this?” question will be a resounding, “Yes we can!” 

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