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Jen’s Gem: Let God do His job.

I’ve had a lot of jobs throughout my life. As a teenager, I served up hot cups of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and filled donuts. After that, I waited on tables and tended bar at a swanky Hampton’s country club. In college, I worked in the music department and on our school’s newspaper. Each of these jobs helped to pay for my college tuition and provided me with great work experience.

My jobs as an adult were vastly different. Systems Analyst. Product Manager. Entrepreneur. Freelance Writer to name a few. I’ve had lots of bosses – some good, some, well…let’s just say not so good. My very first boss was the best and my last boss was the worst. So much so that I quit a well-paying job after only three months because I feared for my mental health.T

his decades-long career path was not planned. I did not graduate college with a vision of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I took the first job that was offered to me and traversed those that followed out of boredom or necessity to support my family. In short, there was no grand plan.

I attend a lot of workshops and presentations. The speakers almost always share their life’s journey. I’m continually amazed that each of their life chapters meld perfectly into who they are today.

Recently a friend of mine and I attended a John Tesh concert. At this event, he spoke about his life and career path from high school band member to television show host to entertainer. Each piece of his puzzle made sense. There were no “you did what?” moments in his career. Suffice it to say, I was slightly envious.

After the show, I was able to speak with him briefly and secure an autograph. I would’ve loved to have taken him out for coffee to talk with him more about his career choices. However, I suspect, like everyone else, I’ll have to wait for his book to come out next year to learn of the nitty-gritty details.

Two resonating themes stood out to me as he shared his life’s experiences during the event. Faith and trust. Every time he stepped out – took a chance – it led him to something even better. As he described the many “coincidences” it was mind-boggling. I literally sat there gaping, like – “whoa” – that’s crazy!

When I got home, I realized, it wasn’t crazy. It was God. It was crystal clear to me that John Tesh’s faith in God and his trust in Him were the guiding lights on his path. I’m not saying he never experienced a hiccup, but for the most part, his life’s puzzle pieces make sense.

Mine don’t.

Even though my career path looks more like a heart monitor gone cray cray, there’s one common thread through it all. Whether I was making good or bad choices, God has had His hand in it all. Sometimes I was well aware of it – others, not so much. How do I know this? Because He told me.

I was in the midst of my divorce and wondering how I’d survive on one income. As I pored over my budget, checking and re-checking the numbers, I always got the same result – not enough. This consumed my every thought until one morning in the wee hours, a vision of Jesus appeared before me. With outstretched hands and a light so bright, He spoke seven words that changed my life. 

“I will always take care of you.”

When my life’s puzzle pieces don’t fit or when they’re mixed up in different boxes, I go back to these words to help me make sense of it all. People often ask me about my faith – and how I’m able to weather the storms life throws at me. This is how.

You don’t need a visit from the Son of God to know that He will always take care of you. He states it over and over again in His Word and His Word is for anyone who chooses to believe. Anyone. His promises are for everyone – in fact – the more the merrier as far as He’s concerned.

God is really good at taking mismatched puzzle pieces and putting them together into a beautiful mosaic. That’s His job. He excels at it. In fact the messier the puzzle, the better. God is really good at His job and the more we let Him do it, the smoother our career paths, our relationships, and our lives will be.

This week, I’d like to encourage you to let God be God. Turn your puzzle pieces over to Him and trust that He can make sense of them all.

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