Do You Need a New Partner?

Jen’s Gem: You don’t have to go it alone.

As I stated in my first blog post of the year, I have recommitted to walking on my treadmill at least five times per week in the hopes of attaining (or re-attaining) my goal weight. But I have already been met with a setback with a recent diagnosis of tendinitis in both of my feet.

The doctor advised me to cease and desist in order for the inflammation to settle down. He also informed me that the debilitating shin splints I’ve experienced are likely due to wearing the wrong shoes and doing too much too soon. I left his office with two wrapped feet, a prescription for an anti-inflammatory, and a heavy heart.

While I was upset to hear this news from my doctor, I was not about to give up. I returned to the treadmill with my new, properly fitting walking shoes and began again. However, this time, I had to reduce my pace and forgo the light jog I had been doing to avoid the shin splints.

Instead of burning my requisite 300 calories in 30 minutes, it took nearly 45 minutes. While I was not all that happy that my new workout routine would take longer, I realized that I had actually walked nearly a half mile more. I also did not have an ounce of pain in my shins. A win-win.

We all experience a hiccup or two on the way to attaining our goals. This can be a tough pill to swallow. We begin with so much excitement and determination. We hope that everything will go smoothly so that we can attain our goal quickly. However, most times, this is not the case. There’s almost always a setback leading us to readjust our goal or our approach to achieving it.

So what do treadmills and tendinitis have to do with my spiritual walk with God? Turns out – quite a bit.

As I left the doctor’s office that day, I thought I would not be able to achieve my weight loss goal by June, my desired date. When I saw the timer ticking away and the lower pace illuminated on the treadmill display, I again lamented my potential pending failure.

It then occurred to me that the only person who thought I was going to fail was me. My heart’s desire has been to look my best at my daughter’s high school graduation. I prayed for the motivation to begin this healthy lifestyle and after months of waiting, I got it. I was ready.

God saw the desires of my heart and there’s nothing He wants more than to give these to me, and you!

When I finally remembered this, I knew in that moment that even though my workouts may take a bit longer, I will achieve my goal because I’ve got a great workout partner.

“May He grant you according to your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your purpose. Psalm 20:4

You see, when I was trying to push myself too hard, I ended up with an injury that threatened to set me back. That’s what happens when we try to achieve our goals all by ourselves. God wants to be our partner in everything – even on the treadmill. We see this promise plainly in Romans 8:28:

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

This week, I’d like to encourage you to consider forming a partnership with God. Ask for His help in everything you do, whether it’s tackling a tough work project or helping you to keep your temper on your daily commute. Then, in faith, believe that He has given this to you.

Now that’s a daily workout anyone can do!

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