Is It Time to For a New Plan?


Jen’s Gem: God has a plan and purpose for you!

Yesterday I looked at a townhouse that I am considering buying next year. It’s been on my heart for some time to sell my house, downsize, and simplify my life. My children, ages 21 and nearly 18, will be headed off to begin their next chapters and it feels like it’s time for me to consider my own.
The past ten years have been a roller coaster at best. I’ve bounced between being a corporate cubicle dweller to being an entrepreneur to being unemployed. I’ve watched my children graduate middle school, high school, prepare for college, drive, and secure jobs. I’ve lost both of my parents.
The only constant? My faith. Through every one of these changes, I’ve held on to my faith to navigate the ups and downs. When I relied on guidance from God, I did really well. When I didn’t….uh…
Life has a way of throwing you a curve ball from time to time, doesn’t it? While I have had my share of curve balls, they are nothing in comparison to those thrown at friends and loved ones. I’ve had no major health issues, nor have my children. I have a roof over my head. There is always food on the table (just ask my scale!) My children and I are blessed.
I have no idea why we’ve been spared from the tumultuous times that I’ve watched others face. Does God love us more than them? Have we just been “lucky?” Neither of these statements are true. God loves everyone equally and there’s no such thing as luck. There is however, God’s plan and His promises.
Before either I or my children were born, God knew exactly how our lives would turn out. He knew the bumps and bruises we’d experience. He saw us making both good and bad decisions. He saw us wiggle in and out of a relationship with Him and His Son. All the while, He was prompting us to get on board with the plan He had for our lives instead of relying on our own.
The thing is? If you don’t know He has a plan, if you don’t know about His promises, you’re left to your own devices. Sometimes these work out and sometimes they don’t. I’m beyond thankful to be learning more about God’s blessings and promises. They are a compass as I navigate life’s occasional hiccups.
When I was in my corporate jobs, I worked on many projects. They all shared the same characteristics. Identify the problem, lay out the respective tasks to fix the problem, and then fix it. Depending on the size of the problem, project plans consisted of a handful of items to be completed in days to hundreds, even thousands, of tasks to occur over the span of months or even years.
Whenever we hit a snag, we went back to the plan. This was our guide. We didn’t waiver from it unless unexpected circumstances forced a course correction. When it was finished, we celebrated our accomplishment and moved on to the next challenge.
That’s the difference between a man-made plan and God’s plan. Man’s plans change. God’s plans don’t. Why? It’s actually very simple. God’s plans don’t change because God doesn’t change. He’s the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8).
You might be thinking, “Well, that’s boring! Variety is the spice of life!” I agree however, let me ask you:
Isn’t it nice to turn on the faucet and water always comes out?
Isn’t it nice to put your key into the ignition and your car starts?
These are just a few examples of things we’ve come to rely on. Knowing that they “always work,” gives us a sense of stability, peace, and trust. If you disagree, think about the last time your car didn’t start or your home lost power. How did you react?
Whenever I’m faced with a challenge or decision, I go back to the plan. What does God want me to do? Many times, my daily check-ins with Him result in a simple, “trust” task. Other times, that still small voice tells me to act. And then there are times when, well… crickets. God is silent.

These quiet times used to send me into a panic. What do I do? Where do I go? Now I am learning that if God chooses to be quiet, I simply go back to what He told me the day before. If He told me to trust Him, that’s what I do. If He told me to “Be still and keep Him close,” that’s what I do.
That’s the beauty and comfort of relying on God and His plan. His “sameness” provides security. His unwavering plan provides direction to your life. When you follow the plan, completing your assigned tasks and letting God complete His, it’s a win-win.I’m currently on the “trust Me” task of God’s plan. As a habitual “do-er,” I’m wanting to hear something more than this. With large, life-altering decisions in front of me, I know better than to take matters into my own hands. I also know that God’s plan has better outcomes that I can’t even imagine. 
As we prepare to close out another year, I’d like to encourage you to revisit your own project plan. But this time, instead of asking yourself or other people what the tasks should be, ask God. Pray for guidance from His Holy Spirit to help you. God’s plan for your life is not a mystery unless you choose not to ask Him what it is.
When you choose to align yourself with God’s plan, life is anything but boring.

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