Do You Want Your Kids to Fail?

Jen’s Gem: God wants only the best for His kids.

It is the end of the school year in our household. My son has completed another semester of his college classes and my daughter, her junior year of high school. Of my two children, she is the “school” kid. My son tolerates it but knows that a high school education will not get him too far in this world today.

 Their approaches to school work are about as different as night and day. My daughter plans out her assignments and organizes her time so that her work is handed in early. On the contrary, my son waits until the last minute. My daughter has an intuitive sense and “reads between the lines” to give her teachers more than what they asked, whereas my son follows the rubric to a “T”.
I have never worried about my daughter’s grades. She’s been an above-average student since day one. On the other hand, waiting for my son’s report cards is akin to watching the last episode of “Dallas,” wondering who shot JR.
Out of the two, my daughter is the more social, chatty Cathy personality. My son, unless he’s talking about sports or his favorite superhero movie, tends to keep to himself. They look nothing like each other. He’s six feet tall, brown hair, and brown eyes. She’s just over five feet, blonde hair, and blue eyes.
Here’s what they have in common however. They are both ridiculously funny. If you were to witness a typical dinner conversation in our house, you’d never make it through the first course without spitting out your food. They are both deep thinkers – questioning things from a philosophical and spiritual perspective that defy intelligent responses from their mom.
They’ve never gotten into any irreparable trouble. They don’t do drugs. They don’t drink. They have good friends. While there have been logistical nightmares carting them to and from their activities as a single mom, I have never laid awake at night worried sick about them.


I’m blessed beyond words and grateful to God for entrusting these fantastic human beings to my care. They have each taught me lessons no one else could have. My son – who was diagnosed with ADHD – has taught me patience. My daughter – with her fearless approach to life – has taught me courage.
I beam with pride (and sob like a baby) when they experience any success in their lives. Winning games, awards, and raises at their jobs – you name it. I’m beyond proud of them. I get excited for their futures and how their lives will evolve once they leave our humble abode.
When the inspiration for this post came to me this week, I immediately thought that this is how God must feel about His kids – us. He sees each of us as our own person, with gifts and talents, strengths and weaknesses, and individual personalities. He likely smiles like a goon when we are happy and perhaps His heart aches a bit when we are faced with a trial.
As much as I love my kids, it is incomparable to the love God has for His own. He would do anything for us – in fact He did when He sent His Son to die for us. His own Son. He wants us to win – He wants us to be successful, strong, healthy, prosperous, and more. How could anyone think He’d want anything less than the best for his kids?
Would you want your kids to fail? Would you want them to be poor, sick, addicted, or depressed? Would you wish these things on them? Of course not! You would do everything in your power to help them avoid these challenges.
You’d work two jobs to send them to college. You’d stay in a job you hated so you could give them health insurance. You’d orchestrate rides to and from activities so they wouldn’t have to miss out because their mom works full-time. You’d risk them hating you so they’d learn life’s tough lessons in the safety of their home instead of the outside world.


You’d do whatever you had to do so that your kids could have a successful life. That’s what parents do. That’s what God does. Every day. For everyone.
We live in a time when there are many who think God has abandoned us, left us for dead, and wants us to fail. But these are lies. He has never wanted us to fail. It is not who He is. He has never left us. We left Him.
I’d like to encourage you this week to think differently about God. Think about Him as your Father in heaven, your Dad – and imagine what He’d want for you. Have a heart-to-heart with Him and picture Him as a loving Father who just wants the best for His kid.
My hunch is that you’ll walk away with a different opinion about God. I pray that you do. He needs you to. You may need to as well.

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