Do You Need the National Guard?

Jen’s Gem: God loves you with an everlasting love.

It has been raining here in Connecticut for what seems like the past month. While there have been a couple of days of sun, it’s been MIA as of late. In fact, we even had a couple tornadoes that have left a few towns in states of emergency.

These people have no power, all of their food is likely spoiled, and schools have been closed. The National Guard has stepped in to assist in the cleanup. Looking at photos and videos has left me staring in disbelief. One hears of these types of storms in Tornado Alley, but not here.

My town was barely touched. Sure we had a few limbs fall, heavy rains, and winds that bent trees over in the pitch black sky, but we were left unscathed. Life goes on.

Life goes on. Soon the storm will be a distant memory. Homes and other possessions will be restored. People will return to their normal routines and this event will likely be fodder for conversations that may sound like “Do you remember the tornado of 2018?”

As human beings, we are built to last. Our Creator blessed us with an innate resilience that helps us pick up the pieces after each tragedy in our lives and move on. It’s part of our DNA. As the makers of Prego said long ago in their famous commercials, “It’s in there.”

Some people can tap into this better than others. We stand in awe at times at the strength of people who bounce back over and over. How do they do it? What’s their secret? 

This past Mother’s Day my daughter shared my photo in her Snapchat story to her friends. The caption read something to the effect of her admiration of the strength I possess and her hopes to imitate this. The sentiment brought a tear to my eye. Then I read her Mother’s Day card message and that lone tear transformed into a near-ugly cry. 

In the card she noted her gratefulness for all I’ve done for her, mentioning that much of it was done on my own. She called out the difficulty of being a single mom and how proud she was of me for being a good parent. Now you know why there was an ugly cry on my Mother’s Day! Thankfully a hand-made Snoopy phone case was in my future which turned my ‘frown upside down.’ 

My heart nearly popped out of my chest with love for my daughter in those moments. Her words and her actions demonstrated her love in a way that told me she “got me.” She understood. She knew me. If only everyone could have a moment like this, it’d change the world.

Days later, during my prayer time, it occurred to me that this is how God feels about us – His children – every minute of every day, not just Mother’s Day. Every minute of every day. Please take a moment and contemplate this. You may be going through a tough time and feeling alone or abandoned. I’m here to tell you that you are not alone.

How would your life be different if you knew in your guts that you were loved beyond measure? Would you act differently if you knew that there was someone who knew you inside and out, who wanted only the very best for you, who would never leave you, and whose only desire is to see you happy? 

My hunch is that you’d feel pretty special. You’d feel on top of your game. You’d have hope that even though you are presented with a tough time or two, that it’d be ok.

How do I know this? I’ve seen it in my own life – time and time again.

This week, I’d like to encourage you to take a few moments and contemplate the love God has for you. Perhaps in those early moments before you get out of bed, lay quietly, and try to take it in. Before your feet touch the floor, send up a prayer of thanks to God for His love. I can guarantee that your day will be better with this one simple act.

Then when those tornadoes hit, you can tap into this reservoir of love and know that you are strong. You can bend but you won’t break. You will be restored and you won’t need the National Guard to do it.

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