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Jen’s Gem: Your words have power!

For the past several weeks, I’ve been studying the Old Testament, learning about the people and the themes of each of the books. Proverbs, for example, written by King Solomon, is also known as the Book of Common Sense. When I hear people saying that life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, I immediately want to tell them to read this powerful book. It has an answer for every question or challenge you may be facing.

The author, King Solomon, was the wealthiest and wisest man in history. None before him nor after can hold a candle. Not Einstein. Not Bill Gates. No one. That’s pretty amazing if you think about it. However, despite his wisdom, he was extremely foolish and made poor decisions. One has to wonder how someone so wise can be so foolish; how someone’s gift can end up being such a detriment.

We’ve seen time and again how people have come to misuse their gifts. I’m thinking in particular of the man who invented the nuclear bomb and the regret he felt once he saw its power to destroy millions. Or perhaps the person who discovered plastic and now we see this indestructible material filling our oceans and killing our beautiful marine life.

I’ve learned that our greatest gifts will always be our greatest curse when we attempt to use them apart from God’s intention or purpose. That’s what happened to King Solomon. He became incredibly self-righteous, a “know it all,” and he died at the age of 50, well before his time.

I began to think about this earnestly over the past few weeks. I considered my own gifts and talents and how I am using them. Are they a blessing to others or am I using them to cause pain or suffering?

Is my gift of communication being used to lift people up or tear them down?

When I write these blog posts, I pray for guidance on what to write about. Typically a recurring theme will nag at me during the week and by the time I sit down to write, it flows pretty easily. When nothing comes to mind, I will skip that week so that I don’t write something that’s useless or worse, self-serving. After all, my intention and purpose of this blog is to elevate!

Each day I pray that God will bless the words of my mouth and the works of my hands as I develop writings for various clients. I pray that with my gift, they will be lifted up in their businesses. I am fully aware that God gave me this gift for a reason: to support my family with my work and to share His love with my blog posts.

I’m reminded of Proverbs 18:21 which says that the power of life and death are in the tongue. Our words, spoken or written, have power. It is up to us to choose words that will enhance or destroy the lives of those around us. (Click here for a few Bible verses on the power of your words.)

Next week my daughter will take her SATs. She has a particular score that she’d like to achieve as her personal best and that may catch the eye of a future college admissions office. From time to time, I hear her saying, “It probably won’t happen.” I immediately remind her to stop speaking defeat over her life and that her words have the power to create.

If you read the Book of Genesis, God created the entire universe with His words. Before each creation, the Bible notes, “And God said…” Words have power my friends. How are you using them to create the life you want?

I’m often told that I’m a Pollyanna with my “positive thinking” and I have to quickly respond by noting that my words are not based on positive thinking. If they were, they’d be a big fat failure. My words, spoken and written, are based on the promises of God.

The power of my words does not come from me, it comes from God. If He says it, then it is true. If He says I’m healed, I’m healed. If He says I am successful, then I am successful. If He says He loves me, then I am loved.

That’s my faith. That’s what I hold on to when challenges come my way. That’s what gives me hope that even if today is a bit rough, tomorrow will be better. You can’t hang that hope on empty words or positive thinking, but you can bank on it when it comes from God.

Why would God set His children up to fail? Why would He want us to be sick or poor or confused or stressed? If we are made in His image and He is perfect, then it goes without saying that we too are perfect.

Anything contrary to perfection is not of God.

I encourage you this week to pay attention to the words you speak not only to others but to yourself. Are you speaking success or failure? Are you expressing doubt or belief? The Bible clearly says that the power of life and death are in the tongue.

Speak life!

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