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Jen’s Gem: Shine your light for the world to see.

Like many people, I have fallen prey to the click bait of the personality tests on social media. Somehow based upon the colors I like or the words I can spell, these tests can not only tell me the reason I was put on this earth, but what I’m supposed to do with my time here. Oh – if it were only that easy!

I’ve gotten some pretty interesting results from these various tests. Some seem spot on – others, not so much. However I have to say, other than my trepidation of websites snagging my personal data, they are kind of cool. I thought I’d share a few of the results I’ve gotten as of late. (I can’t wait to hear from you about them!) 

The “What God Called Me to Be” test: Evangelist

 Wow – that one was a shocker until I remembered a former position I held. I was the product manager for a relatively unknown service my company offered. It was my job to ensure that everyone knew about it – both inside the organization and externally to customers and media.
At every meeting, I inevitably had to explain what my product was and the value it brought. I did this for years and it eventually paid off as my ‘baby’ landed a cherished spot in the annual report. That was monumental considering its nearly 20-year history with nary a mention. My efforts also garnered me the unofficial title of ‘evangelist’ throughout the organization. Hmmm – a precursor to the future? 

The “What Kind of Personality Do You Have” test: Visionary

 Given my ‘legally blind without corrective lenses’ status, this result was another surprise. Now I realize it is not referring to physical capabilities but guess what? I’m near-sighted! I could wrap my mind around this result a little better if I was far-sighted – but, really?
Interestingly – sight has been on my mind as of late. I mentioned last week that summer allergies are having a field day with my eyes. Add to that a contact lens prescription that’s not quite right and I’ve got anything but clear vision not only for the future but for what’s in front of my face!
Now – here’s the icing on the whole visionary cake. A decades-old Myer’s Briggs personality test resulted in a personality type of “INTP”, which stands for Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving. Call me crazy, but despite this being a fairly rare result, it does not mention the word visionary anywhere. It’s description? “The Thinker or Logician.” Yep – now that’s me! (Although my two teenagers would say I’m far from logical on most days!)
Fast forward 15 years from those cubicle dwelling days and I’ve lost much of my shyness or the “I” in my INTP moniker and have become more of an “E” – Extrovert which possibly makes me an “ENTP”. Guess what that description is? Visionary.

Hmmm…could there be some truth to these quizzes? 

The Truth Will Set You Free

  The fact of the matter is – once I believe in something whole-heartedly – I do become an evangelist about it. I want to tell people all about the great thing I’ve discovered so their lives might be a little happier, a little easier, and a little more peaceful. (This has resulted in many job offers in sales).
And truthfully, I’ve had k-billion ideas and ‘visions’ that within a year or two have come to pass for others. Sadly, many of them were things I should’ve pursued but I was too scared (too INTP-ish?) and someone beat me to the punch.
So where does all of this leave me – or you for that matter? How do my social media quiz results help you or elevate your day in some way? Maybe here’s how.
Despite the silliness of some of my quiz results – there is some truth to be examined. In my corporate career, there was a sliver of an evangelist being born. A person who could believe in something so strongly, she could influence others to take action. She would be recognized for her visionary ideas, be asked repeatedly to be on team projects. She would stand in front of senior managers and secure monies or other resources. Even when she left that role, she’d retain her unofficial title in the organization.
Sadly, this person would poo-poo these qualities and gifts and chalk them up to “I’m just doing my job” – not as inborn gifts from God. It would take many years, many mistakes, many heartaches – and a silly social media quiz to have this person take another look and perhaps accept that instead of sharing quiz results with her online peeps, she should be sharing the results with the world. 

Let Your Light Shine

 Therefore – I’ve decided to give myself the unofficial personality type of “VEEP” (no – not that one).  Visionary, Extroverted, Evangelist, for the People”. I’m not sure this will get a thumbs up from the Myer’s Briggs folks but hey – I’m a visionary. I may have just invented a new personality type.
I encourage you this week to go back in time. Go back to a time in your life when you rocked, when you were on your game. You were in lock-step with your life. What does that look like? Are you living like that now? If not – why not?  
My hunch is you may be hiding your light. You may, like me, be poo-poo’ing your light. Don’t hide your light. Be a visionary!

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