Do You Need to Have a Tag Sale?


Jen’s Gem: When you let go of the past, your future greets you with open arms!

Weather permitting next weekend, I will be having a tag sale. While this is not quite national news, it has been a story in the making for several years. Since I’ve had many tag sales in the past along with major trips to Big Brothers Big Sisters, friends and family are wondering if I have any possessions left. Trust me. I do.

As my kids helped lug boxes and containers from the attic to their temporary home in the shed as they await a price tag and their new forever home, I realized how little some of these trinkets meant to me. Oh sure, at the time they were purchased I was likely more than thrilled but now? Not so much.
Over the years, I have redecorated my house twice. A fresh coat of paint, new carpet and accessories have transformed my house. According to a realtor friend, it is now appealing to future home buyers with its neutral paint colors, minimal tchotchkes and pops of color. But with each transformation, existing décor landed in my attic which is why I’m facing a weekend of shoppers who will try to haggle with me over my once beloved possessions.

What Means the Most to You?

Years ago I watched Nate Berkus on the Oprah show stating that if you don’t absolutely love the things in your home, you should get rid of them. Each item should have meaning. Each should have a purpose. I can emphatically say that as I traverse the hallways and rooms of my home, that there’s very little, if anything that means nothing to me.
I’ve been on a de-cluttering movement for many years. Not that I’m a pack rat by any stretch of the imagination, but you know how it is. Over time you accumulate stuff and it doesn’t always have a home when you move from place to place. When I think of the things that I came into this house with and what I have now? Night and day.
But it wasn’t just things that I brought into my home some twenty years ago. I brought a lot of baggage too. Baggage that should’ve been left on the curb quite frankly. That unnecessary baggage shaped my world – my work, my kids and me.
As I perused the contents of my attic, I was brought back to the person who moved into this house. I realized that person no longer exists. Oh sure, there are remnants still hanging around that I’m working on kicking to the curb but for the most part, a new creature has evolved.
Time has a way of doing that. They say with age comes wisdom. Sadly, I’m a bit of a late bloomer as some of these life lessons are only occurring now. But that’s ok – God has a way of manipulating time so that I can still accomplish the things I want with this new knowledge.
The funny thing? Many of these lessons – or truths – were told to me by my mom and dad. But sadly, I discarded them. What did they know? Uh…turns out, they knew a lot.

Are You Aging Wisely? 

I see my own children poo-poo’ing my advice. That’s ok. I guess it’s part of life but with each bit of advice I give them, I tell them not only that I wished I would’ve listened to my parents, I tell them the outcome of not doing so. That’s what really hits home.
Along with the parental sage I wished I would’ve listened to, I also find myself wishing I had a more solid understanding of my faith. Basic tenets and truths that I’m only discovering now could’ve saved me from years of heartache, poor decisions and bad relationships. The good news? I’m getting it now and with all of my heart am trying to instill this in my kids.

This is nothing short of life-changing if they get it now instead of at the ripe ol’ age of (cough cough). To approach their early years rooted in the love of their Creator, knowing how He feels about them, knowing what He sees in them – wooo eeee! Happy dance time people.
That, my friend, will be my biggest accomplishment. That will be what I want noted in my obituary and talked about at my passing over party. (Yes – I want a party please…champagne toasts for everyone!)
As I prepare to send off my possessions to their new home, I prepare myself to let them go. To discard old behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve me. With a clean slate (and a really clean attic), I can put on a new me- the me that God intended me to be that I just didn’t know about until now.
Are you holding on to stuff that no longer serves you? Is it time to let it go and discover the real you? I hope you’ll ponder and pray about this over the next two weeks as I’ll be taking next week off to let go of the past and embrace the future all from the confines of my driveway!

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