You were created for greatness

If you follow me on Facebook, then you know that I have done some redecorating in my home. Nothing major – paint, re-arranging furniture, de-cluttering, and a few new accessories. I was tired of the old look and wanted something fresh, open, more reflective of where I am in this stage of my life.

Recently, my daughter had a friend over. While washing their hands in the updated bathroom, I overhead my daughter saying, “Don’t use that towel”, referring to the white towels hanging on the rack. Her friend immediately responded with “Why not?” My daughter turned and asked the question of me to which I replied “It’s just for show.”

“It’s just for show.”  Translation – it’s not to be used. It’s just there to admire and complete the look. It has no meaningful purpose. But wait, don’t towels have a specific purpose? Aren’t they to be used to dry hands and other body parts after baths and showers? Why weren’t these towels being used for the very purpose for which they were created?

As silly as this whole event sounds, those words stuck with me for days until finally, I removed the “show towels” and replaced them with our everyday towels, which used to hang on the back of the bathroom door. While the everyday towels are not as pretty to look at, they are serving their rightful purpose.

That change was part one of my revelation regarding my bathroom towels. Part two came later and (thankfully) is a bit deeper than ‘show towels’.


I began to wonder… How many of us are living according to the purpose for which we were created? Or like my towels, are we living a life just for show? Are we going through the motions while ignoring, or worse, not knowing what our true purpose really is?

Every human was put on this earth to serve…to serve others with the gifts and talents we were blessed with. Finding out the best way to do this is part of our life’s work. For some, this is an easy task. For others, it takes some soul searching, some trial and error, but most importantly, it takes being willing to remove your “show towel” persona and letting the world see you as you really are so that you can live out your life purpose and be a blessing to others.

How you go about discovering your life purpose is as unique as you. Some people just know. Others need the help of a coach or counselor. No matter how you figure this out, you are likely not living a full life until you do. You may feel like something is missing or not quite right. You may be frustrated, depressed or worse, complacent. You may settle for the life you have because it’s just too much work to figure out or strive for the life you could have.

This time of year is full of people making resolutions to lose weight or work out or clean out their closets. While all good ideas, they do little to help you discover your true purpose, your gifts, or how you can leave this world making a difference.

I want to encourage you to discover your greatness this year – whatever that may look like. Stop settling for less than the very best version of yourself.

Jen’s Gem: You were not created to be a show towel. You were created for greatness. Go on. Be great.


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