What’s One More Hat?

As a mom in today’s busy world, you wear alot of hats. I sure do. Let’s see – how many am I up to these days? Mom, homeowner, mompreneur, chauffeur, cook, (notice I did not say ‘chef’!), speaker, author, friend, daughter, and sibling. Oh and now I’m a great aunt – times two! Yippee! 

So, with all of these hats, why would I want to add another one? Isn’t my plate already overflowing?
Well, life has a way of surprising you now and then and recently, I got a whopper.
I’ve now added, “full-time employee” back into my repertoire. Yep – that’s right. I have rejoined the corporate world.
What? It’s true.And do you know what the funny thing is? I think that one of the reasons I was hired was because of the many hats I’ve worn throughout my corporate and small business careers. Pretty cool, huh?
“But Jennifer, I thought you were a mompreneur and The Purposeful Parent. Now who are you?”
Well, I’m still all those things. Nothing has changed really…except…well…
I’ve had to let go of certain obligations now that my daily schedule has changed. My kids have been introduced to a new after school and evening schedule. My weekends are filled with activities like grocery shopping, laundry, chores, and errands.
In essence, I have had to re-balance my time. This is nothing new for me. I did it years ago when I got laid off and started my business. I did it again when I moved away from the retail side of Frittabello and focused my efforts on The Purposeful Parent. I’m a pro at it, don’t you think?
It’s likely you are too and don’t know it. Think about it. How many times have you re-arranged your life? You did it when your kids were born. You did it again when they started school and you’ll do it again when they leave for college or pursue their own life path.
This is what moms do…and we do it well. We’re flexible, adaptable, and always up for the challenge. Yes, we may trip over our own feet as we get used to our new life, but eventually we meld into it as if it were always that way.
While I’m hoping I will have some time to ‘meld’, in two years my daughter starts high school, and my son may be off to college. Something tells me, I will be looking at a whole new schedule before I know it.
But I’ve had practice and I know I can do it. And guess what, so can you.  As you face changes in your life, take a moment to realize that you are more than capable and will adjust beautifully no matter what the new demands are.
And know that no matter what surprise life brings you or what new hat you’ll be wearing, there’s one hat that you will always wear proudly…the one that says “Mom”.

Jen’s Gem: Moms wear a lot of hats. Make sure you remember the most important one.

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