Are You On a Parenting Roller Coaster?

mom relaxingYour home is your castle. It’s where you create the stories of your life. It’s where you go to escape from the craziness of the outside world and where you gather as a family for meals or movie night.

I’ve did  a bit of remodeling in my home earlier this year – from my bedroom to the kid’s rooms to most recently, our den. Nothing grand –  just new paint colors, re-arranging of furniture and some new accessories. Letting go of the old decor (which I loved) and embracing the new decor (which I REALLY love!) has been transforming.


This is somewhat similar to where I am in my life right now and quite frankly – where alot of people are with whom I speak. Many are in the process of letting go of the old and getting ready for the new.  Many are purging closets and attics as well as saying goodbye to old habits that did not serve them well.

Perhaps it’s because of 2013 or perhaps it’s just time.

I’ve been a parent for nearly 16 years and I consider this journey an evolution. I’m not the same mother who brought my son home on that clear November day in 1997, nor the same mom who was working full time and pursuing an MBA while pregnant with my daughter in 2001. I surely do not resemble in any way the mom who was divorced in 2003, nor even the same mom who became a solo mompreneur in 2009 after being laid off from her corporate job.

Today, with a new full-time job and managing the activities of my two children, my parenting journey has gotten even more complex and I find myself embracing more changes as discussions of college and careers start to meander into our dinner conversations.

However, even with all of the changes, one thing remains the same. The love I have for my kids and the desire to succeed in the most important job I will ever have – being a Mom.

Jen’s Gem: Your parenting journey will be filled with change. Learn to embrace each one.

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