Are You a Parenting Snob?

snobThis phrase came to me while I was folding clothes today. Odd, yes, I agree. But hear me out for a minute.

Do you find yourself judging other mothers and how they parent their children? Do you think your way is the best or right way? I see it all the time and in many places.

I see it in the grocery store when mothers roll their eyes at other mothers whose children are misbehaving. I see it when mothers whisper to each other on the playground. I see it on Facebook when I read criticisms by mothers about mothers.

Instead of helping each other out, we tear each other down. It’s no wonder mothers feel alone and helpless. Their own “kind” doesn’t even have their back and that’s a shame.

I remember my ex-husband’s mother telling me story after story about how all the moms in the neighborhood would get together and help each other out by watching each other’s kids or preparing a meal or taking care of errands when she was sick. There was a real “I got your back” attitude back then. Where has that gone?

We need it back. We need it more than ever because even though in today’s world, we’ve got moms who work out of the home, moms who have their own business, moms who stay at home, we all need the same thing – help and support.

Why is Mom Crying?

We don’t need your judgment or your criticism. We need your tricks of the trade. We need your shortcuts for nutritious meals. We need your negotiating tactics for sibling fights.

I speak of the need for more mom peeps. I’ve even been told that I need more mom peeps which is especially true now that I have returned to work at a full-time job. I’m so grateful to the many friends who have reached out to help me with everything from after-school pick-ups to simple things, like letting me list their names on my kid’s emergency cards. Because of them, I can go to work knowing that all is well in my world. My mom peeps have my back.

So, next time you’re tempted to cast a scowl at the mom in the grocery store who’s struggling with a crying toddler, walk over and offer to help her. Maybe she’ll accept and maybe she won’t. But you will have done your part in forever eliminating parenting snobbery.

Jen’s Gem: Don’t judge other parents.

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