Angels Watching Over U.S.

Purposeful Parent Tip: Keep Memories Alive of Those Who Have Passed On

Today is a somber day across our country. Eleven years ago, I was sitting in my cubicle at my corporate job in shock and confusion over what was happening at the time. My daughter was only a few months old, my son about four. I didn’t wait for my manager to tell me we should all  go home. After the second plane hit, I did what every mother would do.

I rushed out of my office to my children’s daycare and drove home as fast as I could. My “mama bear” instincts kicked in and all I wanted to do was hold my children close to me and be in a safe place. I had no idea what was happening, no idea if other attacks were coming. It was one of the scariest days in my life, likely in yours too.

My children are much older now and sadly these attacks have become a history lesson in our schools – a part of the fabric of our country. My daughter who knew very little about that day is hearing about the details and questioning why anyone would want to do this. My answer did not provide her with much solace.

“I don’t know why someone would do this. There are always going to be evil people in the world who want to hurt others. It doesn’t make sense and is hard to understand. All I can tell you is that good ALWAYS wins over evil. Always…if we are patient and have faith.”

I know it is hard to see any of the good that came from this day. For those who lost a loved one, I suspect it is even harder. But there has been good – even in little ways. Some people learned to cherish life a bit more. Others have mended an old hurt or vowed to live their life differently. I hear so many stories of people who once worked in New York, who because of the events of that day, have changed their career path, and are now giving back in some way.

Good always wins over evil. Always. I believe this with all of my  heart.

Today is a day of remembrance of everyone who lost their lives so tragically that day. But instead of remembering the horrific events of planes and burning buildings, I choose to remember, and maybe you will too, the thousands of angels we now have in heaven, watching over our country and how blessed we are to have them.

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