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Purposeful Parent Tip:  Everyone has an inner voice, even your child.  Tap into it for the greatest wisdom.

A few years ago, while sitting in a workshop for my corporate job, the following words kept repeating in my head to the point where if I didn’t write them down, I was
going to go mad.

“The Angel looked around the sea of souls anxiously awaiting their assignments
on Earth…” 

I grabbed the hotel pad of paper to jot down this sentence, hoping to clear my head and move on to the business at hand of participating in the workshop.  To my surprise, after I finished writing the sentence, another one came.  And another.  And then another.  The words were coming at me so fast and furious, that my hand could barely keep pace.

When the words finally stopped, I sat back and read what I’d scribbled.  A beautiful and sweet story had emerged…seemingly out of nowhere.  I couldn’t recall even writing some of it.  I thought that this might make a great children’s book one day.  That was the summer of 2007.

In November 2008, “Frittabello and his Angel”, my first children’s book was ‘born’.  It tells the story of how a little soul named “Frittabello” finds his perfect earth parents with the help of his guardian angel and by listening to his inner voice.

Today, when parents read this story, well, moms anyway, it inevitably brings about a
tear.  They are touched by its sweetness.  But more importantly, I think they realize that their children play a much more important role in their lives than they’d previously thought.

I believe that children choose their parents in order for both to learn the lessons meant
for them in this lifetime.  What better way of making such a huge decision than with the guidance of a guardian angel and your own “knowing” inside?  If only we would remember to use this valuable technique throughout our lives, we could potentially avoid some of the decisions that we perhaps regret or wished would’ve turned out differently.

This little story that came to me in that hotel conference room is the foundation of much
of what I have done over the past few years from learning how to parent differently, to starting a small business, to trying to find that small quiet voice inside me that knows exactly which way I’m to turn next.

Like most moms, my life has changed dramatically since having children.  Some days I don’t even recognize myself!  I’m convinced that if it wasn’t for my children, I would not have started my business, or considered writing anything other than corporate reports, or had the courage to stand up and speak at workshops and events.

So that’s why I’ve started my new blog, “Parenting for Purpose”.  It’s the logical next step for me.  Because as a parent, I know that my purpose is to guide and teach my children as best I can so that they fulfill their life’s journey.  Just as I teach them,
they teach me.

I hope to share some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way and those to come.  Perhaps there will be some inspiration for you from my musings or at minimum, a little chuckle as I navigate through my own missteps.

I look forward to your comments and if something ‘hits home’, I hope you’ll share it.  I’ll be including my own “Parenting for Purpose” tip with each post for your comment or feedback.

Blessings to you always,


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