On Becoming a Purposeful Parent

Purposeful Parent Tip:  Your Children are here to teach you just as you are to teach them.  Pay Attention!

In the span of three and a half years, I met my soul mate and my angel.  My soul mate would teach me the value of patience, acceptance, and advocacy.  My angel would inspire me to become so much more than I was.  You might be thinking, “Wow, she’s really blessed!”  And I would agree with you.

In the winter of 1997 and the spring of 2001, my son and daughter were born.  I fell in love with my son the moment I laid eyes on him.  In my daughter I saw, during those early minutes after her birth, the face of an angel.   And while I could not predict the future, I knew that my life would change profoundly because of both of them.

I know. I know.  Every parent says that their children have inspired them to make changes in their lives.  Or their child is special.  Or that they “saved their life”.  It almost is sounding cliché.  But I think the reason we are hearing this so much is because it’s actually happening, it is true, and we are becoming more aware and more vocal about it.

You see, I believe that our children choose us as their parents in order to teach us certain lessons.  And I, a skilled impatient, risk-averse, think “inside the box” kind of person, clearly needed a lesson!  So along come my children.  My son, who has AD/HD, gives me opportunities to practice patience on a regular basis.  But he has also taught me the importance of accepting people for who they are and appreciating the gifts they offer in a world that tends to focus on differences and deficits.  My daughter, afraid of nothing, shows me that taking a chance is not all that hard, and can have great rewards.   Her openness of heart, love of people, and positive attitude make me want to squeeze her in the hopes that some of these qualities will “rub off” on me!

I’m in awe of what my children teach me nearly every day and because of it, what I have been able to accomplish because of them.   And so, here I am…on my journey of being a more purposeful parent.  Of recognizing that my children are here to teach me and I of course to guide them as best I can given my own gifts.  I will make mistakes.  I will resort to my traditional parenting style from time to time. But I am only human and not perfect.

And as my mom said to me time and time again, “Jennifer, you just have to do your best.”

And so in that light, I am here to share the lessons I’ve learned throughout my journey as mom and mompreneur to provide not only information but also a touch of revelation from time to time.  I hope you will join me.

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