Are You Celebrating Today?

Jen’s Gem: Celebrate each day.

I love Memorial Day weekend. It marks the unofficial beginning of summer, my favorite season, and opens the door of endless possibilities for fun, freedom, and festivities. During my childhood, this weekend was filled with family barbecues and fireworks.

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Do You Need a Truth Mirror?

Jen’s Gem: You’re loved just as you are.

A few years ago, my son lost a lot of weight – close to thirty pounds. Funny thing was, at six feet tall, I never saw him as needing to do so, but afterwards? What a difference! He has maintained this weight loss, give or take five pounds from time to time, and before COVID-19, was a gym rat.

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Do You Want a Long Life?

Jen’s Gem: Honor your Mom every day.

I’ve written often of my mother in my various blogs and newsletters over the years. Gone a dozen years in a few weeks, not a day goes by that I don’t miss her. As Friday nights roll around, our weekly catch up time, I long to hear her voice and share the happenings of the lives of my children and I. 

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What Will Be Your New Normal?

Jen’s Gem: Focus on the joy of the day.

Our summer vacations were spent taking trips to see extended family. I had a b-zillion cousins on my father’s side in western Pennsylvania and a few in South Carolina, my mother’s home state. The trips were long, boring, yet the time with family was always joyful. 

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Are You Wearing a Mask

Jen’s Gem: Take off God’s mask and see Him clearly.

Early one morning last week, I decided to go to the grocery store. I had only a few items to pick up and I wanted to get this less-than-desired chore out of the way. Like many businesses that are open now, there was a requirement to wear a mask. A friend of mine had made one for me, so I was all set.

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