Are You Missing Your Miracles?


Jen’s Gem: God gives you a glimpse into His grace every day. Be on the lookout!

I slept through the night last night. I realize in the scheme of things this is not likely earth-shattering news to you. But it is to me.
For reasons I’m still trying to figure out, falling asleep and more importantly, staying asleep are elusive to me. Perhaps it’s due to fluctuating hormones or stress or overindulging in that late night treat. Read more ›

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Put a Little Love in Your Heart


Jen’s Gem: Love is the answer. Spread a little more and the rewards will be sweeter than candy.

Holy_WeekNext week is Holy Week – the week leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. The events of the week are the foundation of the Christian faith. Believing that Jesus is the Son of God and that He rose from the dead.
I can’t imagine what that week was like in Jesus’ mind. While He knew He was fulfilling His life’s purpose, clearly He must’ve been scared. He must’ve wished He could somehow escape the pain and torture that awaited Him. We know this because He asked God to ‘remove this cup’. However, these words were quickly followed by “not My will but Yours be done.” (Luke 22:42) Read more ›

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Are You Stepping Into Your Purpose?


Jen’s Gem: Your life purpose has been inside you since birth. Partner with God to help you deliver on it.

Logic. Reason. Order. These are all characteristics of someone who predominantly uses the left side of their brain. Me to a “T”. Right-brainers are led by creativity and the arts. Me to a lesser “T”. I do best when there’s a plan in place for a specific project. I clearly outline to-do lists in order to accomplish the goal du jour. Project plans put me in my happy place. Linear lists of dependent tasks with a big fat goal at the end elicit a feeling of peace; all is well with the world.
Read more ›

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The posts you will read are about my life and my encounters with God’s grace as I walk along the narrow path of His purpose for me. Some days I do it really well. Others, uh….not so much. That’s ok. God loves me on my good and bad days! ... read more

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