What’s Between Your Waves?


this_is_the_dayJen’s Gem: A grateful heart is a joyful heart.


This past week my children and I spent a few days in Montauk, Long Island or as I like to call it – a little slice of heaven. I joked with a friend of mine that while I know God has prepared a mansion for me in His kingdom, I’m hoping it’s a beach house with an ocean view! Read more ›

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Thanks for the Memories Dad


fathers_day_2017Jen’s Gem: Treasure the pearls of wisdom you receive from your father.

This year marks the 70th Father’s Day my dad will celebrate. I suspect however, that this one will be much different than that first one where my eldest brother propelled him into fatherhood. Back then, with his whole life in front of him, I wonder if he could foresee all that he’d accomplish or the lives he’d touch.

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The Power of Three


call_to_me_and_I_will_answerJen’s Gem: When you hear from God, listen the first time.

Three is my favorite number. Many people may think that the number seven has more appeal given its penchant for being a good luck charm, but I’m stickin’ with my 3. My daughter prefers the number 4 and I suspect that my son leans towards 24, the jersey number of his favorite basketball player, Kobe Bryant.   Read more ›

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